Merchant of Records


Sales management for the healthcare sector


Aboca, the undisputed leader among Italian healthcare companies, pursues a mission of health care through 100% natural, effective and safe products, based on scientific evidence and developed according to the Systems Medicine approach.
For over 40 years, Aboca has been looking at health in a new way, analysing the complex physio pathological mechanisms of the body and searching the complexity of nature to find solutions for human health.

On the basis of a well-established integrated system ranging from 100% organic cultivation to scientific research through to production, everything at Aboca is designed and built to obtain the natural molecular complexes that form the basis of our products from plants, without the use of artificial substances.


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– expand the digital ecosystem through the implementation of a Loyalty E-commerce project

– improve the online image of the brand

– meet the new needs of customers and partners with an omnichannel approach

– enrich the consumer experience within the Aboca Community

– grow sales and consumer loyalty

– optimise internal processes by minimising error margins

Strategie e strumenti

Calicantus acts on behalf of Aboca as Merchant of Records (MoR) i.e. as the Vendor who appears on the registers and handles sales on a daily basis, collecting and managing orders, acting as an intermediary between Aboca and the end consumers.

The project consists of two basic pillars:
– Loyalty for managing points acquisition, coupon generation and acts as a wallet for B2C ecommerce;
– E-commerce for sales reserved for doctors and pharmacists and premium catalogue management for end consumers.

Everything was designed according to the corporate identity guidelines provided by Aboca, and integrated at system level with the technical contacts of the various applications available to Aboca (SAP ERP, Aboca Middleware, BI Platform, SSO, WMS, PIM).

End-customer loyalty and optimised sales management for selected partners, integrated in a single platform to give a decisive boost to business.

Customer care Customer care Integrations Integrazioni Merchant of records Sales management Shipments Spedizioni Sviluppo web Web design Web development