Merchant of records


Full outsourcing online order management


Aeqium, 100% Italian-made brand founded in 2019 by Full Skin Srl, produces and markets a skincare line that revolutionized the skincare concept. With more than 20 years’ experience in the sector and starting from the conviction that healthy skin comes from the inside before the outside, the creators of Aeqium decided to change the world of beauty by combining the world of nutraceuticals (supplements) with that of dermo cosmetics.


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– increase the online image of the brand at an international level;

– approach online sales by providing a better customer experience by outsourcing order management through the Calicantus MoR;

– concentrate internal resources on key business activities;

– reduce, through outsourcing, the work of the Aeqium internal team for logistics activities;

– increase sales and consumer confidence;

– optimize internal processes by minimizing the error margins.

Strategies and tools

Calicantus acts on behalf of Aeqium as Merchant of Records (MoR) which, literally translated, is the Seller appearing on the registers and daily handling sales, collecting, and managing orders, acting as an agent between Aeqium and end consumers/customers. 
Calicantus quickly integrated Aeqium’s e-commerce platform with its OMS (Orders Management System) ensuring efficiency, accuracy, and fast time-to-market in the European national and international markets.

Today, the internationalization and the growth of a brand take place primarily through digital points of contact. Having a targeted strategy to achieve this is the first essential step.

Customer care Full outsourcing management Integrations Integrazioni Logistica Logistics management Merchant of records