First digital approach


Increase the brand awareness through a multilingual eshop


AKU is an Italian company, now industrial but with craft roots, which has specialized for over thirty years in the design and manufacture of high-quality mountaineering and trekking footwear.

Given the excellent market response, the company knows that to increase its brand reputation and open up the global market, it’s essential to use the digital sales channel.

Finding itself in its first approach to online sales, AKU decided to seek a partner rather than a provider of web services and digital marketing.


Customer careE-commerce design and integrationE-commerce operationsLogistics and warehouseMulti-channel sales strategiesProgettazione e integrazionestrategie di vendita


The main e-Shop project goal is to integrate two souls: its brand identity, recounted through the stories of those who live the outdoor world, and a detailed presentation of the products available for purchase.

The structure is thus very scalable and adaptable according to content, with short and linear browsing and purchasing paths based on a filters system that lets users find the desired items according to specific needs.

Planned to serve the global market, the store can be viewed in three languages:  Italian, English and German.

Strategie e strumenti

AKU has found calicantus to be a partner to develop its business with, setting goals and structuring the project according to a shared strategic vision.

calicantus followed the project from the outset, providing a consistent strategic and operational support in the fields of development, logistics, art direction, store management, web marketing and customer care.

AKU knows that to increase its brand reputation and open up the global market, it's essential to use the digital sales channel.

Customer care E-commerce design and integration E-commerce operations Logistics and warehouse Multi-channel sales strategies Progettazione e integrazione strategie di vendita