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Barberpassion.com is a new digital channel created by a group of people who, by family tradition or work experience, have both followed and driven the evolution of men's fashion trends in the barber sector in recent decades.
The great revival of the beard and its cult give rise to the idea of creating an online shop that offered the public the best selection of men’s hair and beard products and brands.
Featuring among the top brands are Dr K, Morgan's, Gibs, and Clubman. But there are also niche brands which the Barberpassion.com team has selected precisely to
give its customers the best the market can offer.


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Barberpassion.com is for both the B2B channel (where the founders can vaunt a long experience with traditional sales), and an area dedicated to salons and B2C.
Direct contact with the end customers is one thing that the Barberpassion.com team seeks; and it is precisely on this need for interaction with the public that the project is based.
As well as opening the
online shop, calicant.us is following several social media services through which the Barberpassion.com personality categories communicate in a targeted way.


The first step in building the Barberpassion.com e-shop was the detailed study of the various personality types to target. From Dandy Wildman to Lumbersexual, e-commerce must speak the language of today’s man, who communicates his vision of life and the world through how he looks after their body.

We also sought a structure that would bring together the wide range of products sold on Barberpassion.com (not only beards and moustaches but also hair and personal hygiene) and above all the B2C soul and B2B aimed at the sector professionals.

The going live of the e-commerce was accompanied by the opening of social media profiles, and the implementation of digital advertising campaigns aimed at spreading brand awareness.

The launching of the e-shop indeed proved to be the opportunity for reaching the vast audience of end consumers.

The structure of the site and the digital strategy both aim at engaging users, with a view to a profitable exchange between the business and consumers.

With these ground-breaking initiatives, Barberpassion.com’s challenge is to not only listen and follow the trends of the moment, but to proactively lead the way in creating new ones.

The Barberpassion.com e-commerce speaks the language of contemporary man, who communicates his vision of life and the world through how he looks after their body

Web design Web development Social network Social advertising

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