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During its years-long experience in creating digital strategies aimed at increasing online visibility, calicant.us has worked on various projects with Confartigianato both at the national level and with local associations.

Its first meeting with Confartigianato was in 2012, when calicant.us was entrusted with running a digital marketing course in Vicenza for Confartigianato Veneto (FRAV) technicians. The project to create a dedicated portal for Veneto technicians arose from that meeting and user requests.


The Portaleimpianti.it institutional site was so successful that in 2015 the national arm of Confartigianato asked us to extend the project to cover the whole of Italy.
The objective was to set up a dedicated portal for Italian technicians that would become a reference point for the industry’s workers. The website had to transmit institutional news (such as calls for tenders, regulations etc.) and in parallel be a "place" of exchange and comparison for the technician community, who can access a reserved area.
The website structure was designed to ensure users have optimal utilisation of the content, with short, linear browsing paths and a category and filter system enabling us to provide a dedicated information stream to every professional in the technician family.

calicant.us has worked on various projects with Confartigianato both at the national level and with local associations


The successful collaboration of Calicant.us and Confartigianato has since been consolidated over the years, allowing us to provide the Association with our expertise in not only designing websites but also in digital marketing.

Together with Confartigianato Veneto we developed their first tourism portal. Creating the tourism portal Discovering Artigianato was a great challenge that saw us involved in various aspects, from the naming study and graphic design of the site and logo to the creation of a dedicated app and the shaping and management of the entire marketing campaign. A major project that enabled us to enhance our understanding of online promotion in the tourism industry.

Again starting from an initial ‘information’ contact, we had the chance to work with Confartigianato Venice through a series of e-commerce courses that Calicant.us experts delivered. After taking over their website and all digital marketing activities, we ran a training course for their management personnel. This supported them in building a new online image for the organization that would instantly evidence Confartigianato’s closeness to its members.


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