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Encourage the collection of orders from retailers


EDG was born in the ’70s, from an innovative idea of the Veneto-based entrepreneur Enzo De Gasperi. It is today the world’s leading company in the home décor industry.

EDG’s range vaunts hundreds of thousands of items that can be used to embellish every setting in original ways, creating magical charm.

EDG chose us to create an online presence that reflects its corporate mission of seeking beauty while being functional to the organization and business strategy.


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Because EDG does not sell to the end consumer, the digital infrastructure created by calicantus is made up of two seemingly-separate yet constantly-conversing souls:

the institutional website, which must unambiguously reflect the focus on aesthetics and EDG’s primary investment in quality, design, product design and settings
the B2B e-commerce for collecting orders from distributors and retailers, which is fully integrated with the management software already used by the company.

As it is a B2B project, EDG’s e-commerce design must respond to precise logics. Access to the e-shop is reserved to international distributors and retailers who have submitted their credentials. The need is to facilitate the collection of orders by retailers, avoiding supply errors and fostering an optimal management of trade flows.

Strategie e strumenti

The institutional website serves as a showcase for the brand, not only for retailers but also for end consumers, and is in line with EDG’s image of quality and the seeking of beauty.

Also, users can download the catalogues available on the website, only after leaving the personal data. This, coupled with the full integration with the company’s CRM, means that:

for B2B contacts, it can generate leads that are automatically linked with the area sales team
for B2C contacts, it can implement drive-to-store activities by directing them to the nearest retail outlet.

The B2B e-shop is perfectly integrated with the corporate management software, from which it retrieves all the information: not only categories and filters, but also codes, orderable quantities and price lists (each user has customized information and price lists). However, calicantus has also provided a significantly improved graphic interface that allows item images to be associated with every code.

The e-shop currently contains over 50,000 items, which will be gradually increased to cover EDG’s vast catalogue.

Once an order is placed on the e-shop, the purchase stage returns to the management software to ensure the automatic analysis of the customer rating, enabling the relevant sales team to have the broadest vision of buying behaviour.

The creation of a private e-commerce to collect orders allows EDG to:

optimize the human and financial resources, which were previously dedicated exclusively to collecting orders 24/7, thus freeing up resources for other core business activities
avoid supply errors
facilitate cross-selling

The e-shop, which can only be accessed by international distributors and retailers, facilitates the collection of orders and avoids supply errors

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