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Omnichannel strategies to boost brand awareness and performance


The Ferro family’s journey in the world of beverages began back in 1920. Today, it stands as a well-established and solid firm in the distribution of beverages for the HO.RE.CA sector throughout Italy.

Ferrowine is proud of its two ground-breaking stores in the Veneto region, with some 8,000 products in its catalogue and a vault containing great Italian and French wines with which it caters not only to professionals but also to individuals.

With a calendar full of experiential, educational and in-depth meetings about beer, wine and spirits completes the high-quality service dedicated to all lovers of discerning drinking.

Constantly growing and with an eye to the increasingly advanced dynamics of the digital economy, the company has opened a B2C e-commerce to provide its customers with an omnichannel approach and an enhanced service, supported also by marketing strategies structured across multiple channels.


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– Open up online sales to consumers
– Innovate it digital brand identity
– Increase brand awareness by boosting traffic to its points of sale
– Create synergies between the traditional channel and digital touchpoints
– Improve customer loyalty strategies
– Establish an infrastructure for export markets
– Create the possibility of integrating the B2B channel to support the traditional distribution network

Strategie e strumenti

For Ferrowine, we studied the UI and UX of the new channel with the aim of clearly defining the brand’s values, and of maximizing sales.
We then developed an e-commerce platform integrated with the company’s ERP and logistic systems. We then developed a digital marketing plan having the goals of brand awareness and performance, putting them to work in conjunction with marketing automation initiatives.

Omnichannel strategies as a strategic asset to grow brand visibility and sales by creating synergies that enhance customer experience in the various touchpoints.

Art direction Digital marketing Integrazioni Omnichannel strategies Strategie omnicanali Web design Web development