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Flos was established as a small workshop in Merano (province of Bolzano) in 1962 and soon stood out in the field of quality furnishing lighting, not only for the stylistic innovations, which involved constant cooperation with the great designers of the sector, but also for the research and use of innovative materials.

Since the company’s move into the industrial area of Brescia, with the arrival of Sergio Gandini on the Board of Directors in 1964, Flos soon became a leading company internationally, with successful collaborations with top designers such as Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, Tobia Scarpa, and many others.

Always committed to experimentation and research into innovative forms, concepts and solutions for its products, the company is proud of its many Compasso d’Oro awards over the years, confirming the great work behind the brand.

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Administration managementAmministrazioneGestione vendite online – merchant of recordsMerchant of recordsOnline sales management


– to enter the world of digital commerce to reach B2C end users around Europe;
– to optimize processes by outsourcing the management of online orders in such administrative and accounting procedures as invoicing, payments and returns, as well as legal issues (from terms of sale to privacy policy);
– to concentrate internal resources on key business activities;
– to provide flawless service to its digital customers;
– to not change logistics and warehouse management procedures.

Strategie e strumenti

Entrusted by Design Holding S.p.A. to meet the needs of a top brand like Flos, Calicantus acts as Merchant of Records (MoR) i.e. the Seller who appears on the registers and who manages sales on a daily basis, collecting orders with the necessary anti-fraud checks, and acting as an intermediary between Flos and end customers.

As intermediary between brand and end customer, Calicantus offers excellent support in managing online orders, allowing the client’s internal resources to be focused on key business activities.

Administration management Amministrazione Gestione vendite online – merchant of records Merchant of records Online sales management