Online Sales Project for B2B, Prosumer and Prouser


E-commerce management and marketplace for over 100,000 articles


Metalworker is Hoffmann Italia Spa's online shop dedicated to professionals and micro-enterprises operating in the metalworking industry.

With more than 100,000 items carefully selected from the best brands on the market, it allows the metal professional to buy tools and consumables online, with guaranteed delivery within three working days and best value for money.


AmministrazioneGestione marketplaceGestione vendite online – merchant of recordsIntegrationsIntegrazioniMarketplaceMerchant of recordsSales managementShipmentsSpedizioni


– Communicate effectively with B2B, Prosumer and Prouser targets

– Optimising processes and management flows

– Outsourcing for managing the eBay and Manomano e-Shop and Marketplaces

Strategies and tools

The proposed collaboration between Hoffmann and Calicantus included the advanced integration of:

– management systems
– logistics platform of the parent company in Germany
– proprietary e-commerce
– marketplaces specialising in mechanics, tools and consumables, such as eBay and Manomano

In order to optimise processes and not burden the existing business organisation of Hoffmann Italy and Germany, the operational management of the e-shop was entrusted to the Calicantus team.

Management and development of online sales in Italy and Germany through e-commerce and

Amministrazione Gestione marketplace Gestione vendite online – merchant of records Integrations Integrazioni Marketplace Merchant of records Sales management Shipments Spedizioni