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Mico Sport

Complete sales management


Mico Sport is synonymous with quality and technological innovation in Italian-made sports underwear sector. It has always produced technical garments designed in detail to be comfortable, elastic and breathable, tested with athletes and champions from whom Mico Sport has learned that comfort in thermal control, optimal breathability and maximum fit are key factors in achieving best performance. Mico Sport decided to enter the digital commerce world to enhance its image, spread brand awareness and promote its new collections among B2B and B2C customers.


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– Create a new brand image through its B2C corporate website
– Increase B2B sales and improve reorders management with a web ordering platform integrated with a proprietary logistics platform
– Improve customer experience by outsourcing online and offline sales management, collections and billing, shipping and returns and customer care

Strategies and tools

We designed a Web Order platform to meet the needs of B2B buyers. Plus, Mico Sport chose Calicantus as Ecommerce Service Provider, entrusting us with outsourcing the management of online orders and also of those processed by the commercial agents.

A web ordering platform is a strategic asset to increase B2B sales also when travel or face-to-face appointments are not possible, and trade shows are not open.

Customer care Full outsourcing management Gestione full outsourcing Gestione ordini Integrazioni Order management Updates Web development