Outsourcing order management


The drop shipping management technique


NAVA creates the Design division in 1970, to sell office items and stationery of the highest quality, designed in collaboration with the best names in contemporary design.


Customer careE-commerce design and integrationLogistics and warehouse


NAVA expresses the need for a reliable partner to whom it can delegate the complex operational and management sides of its online shop.

Strategie e strumenti

calicantus provides NAVA with a structured online store management solution.

A dedicated team takes care of the online order flow, provides the documentation for billing and payments, and manages relations with couriers according to the drop shipping supply chain management technique.

NAVA involves us as a partner to whom to delegate the operational and management complexities of the online shop, thus being able to concentrate on the core aspects of its business.

Customer care E-commerce design and integration Logistics and warehouse

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