Outsourced online sales management

Parmigiano Reggiano

Optimising internal processes by using an ESP


The Parmigiano Reggiano consortium has 300 member dairies. The consortium’s institutional work is to promote the brand and the product worldwide aiming to increase the sales of its member dairies through a digital presence that offers users both the security of buying a quality cheese and that of buying at the best prices online.
The consortium decided to assign Calicantus as its E-commerce Service Provider for the Italian market.


Administration managementCustomer careDespatch managementGestione vendite onlineSales managementSpedizioni


– Allow all member dairy farmers access to the e-commerce
– Increase sales
– Guarantee profit margins
– Guarantee a streamlined and efficient distribution of receipts to the various consortium producers
– Provide end customers with a flawless shopping experience
– Optimise internal resources

Strategie e strumenti

On behalf of the Parmigiano Reggiano consortium, we take care of all aspects of online sales management, such as shipping and customer care. We also take care of administration, which also involves the distribution of receipts among the various consortium producers. We are also already working to manage sales across Europe.

Give collective advantage to the consortium member dairies by facilitating the internal processes of the consortium and optimising its resources.

Administration management Customer care Despatch management Gestione vendite online Sales management Spedizioni

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