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Ron Millonario is not only a Peruvian rum praised by critics and enthusiasts, but also a container of a legendary story, traditions to preserve and emotions to enjoy.

Produced since 1950 in a Peruvian farm, in 2004 it was discovered by Fabio Rossi.

Ron Millonario is, in fact, one of the brands of the all-Italian company Rossi & Rossi, importer of carefully selected luxury spirits and champagne.

Together with calicantus, the company undertook a further path of growth through digital marketing, strengthening the brand and reaching an ever-growing audience of customers.


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At calicantus, every project starts with listening.
For Ron Millonario, the main requirements were:

- to find an effective way to communicate the great passion and tradition embodied in the brand

- to succeed in making digital users perceive the sensory palette of the various rums.

Calicantus was tasked with
creating an online presence for Ron Millonario that will:

- spread the word of the brand's exclusiveness and the story of the product

- communicate the aroma and flavour properties of the rums in an easy way

- act as a privileged point of contact with potential distributors worldwide, customers and enthusiasts


To achieve the results, calicantus team identified three strategies:

integrate a video into the homepage that would take users on a magical journey to Peru to discover the roots of Ron Millonario
give visibility to the page dedicated to the product history, with an accurate study in terms of copy and visuals
insert the actual image of the bottle into each product page; the emotional description; a section dedicated to the sensory palette that communicates through images.

Through the new digital channel, Ron Millonario now:
- communicates its brand values effectively and spread product awareness
has a complete and attractive product catalogue that can be easily updated
- allows its potential retailers to interact with the company with one click.

Undertook a further path of growth through digital marketing, strengthening the brand and reaching an ever-growing audience of customers

Art direction Web design Web development

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