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Out-sourcing online order management and logistics


Schesir is a brand owned by Agras Pet Foods, a company founded with the aim of bringing wellness and quality to the pet-food sector, communicating the brand's values, the characteristics of its products and its commitment to sustainability and solidarity to consumers in a consistent and transparent manner.

The brand was founded in 1999 and immediately proposed a true novelty for the European market: the first petfood made with premium quality, 100% natural ingredients.
Since then, the history of Schesir has been a constant search for the best ingredients, as well as the most palatable recipes, without added colourings and preservatives, that contribute to the well-being of dogs and cats.


Administration managementAmministrazioneGestione vendite online – merchant of recordMerchant of records


– Manage new e-commerce sales

– Improve the customer experience and build consumer loyalty

– Optimise processes by outsourcing orders management, ensuring easy and secure payments, and product logistics

– Focus internal resources on key business operations

Strategie e strumenti

The new e-commerce management project dedicated to the Natural Selection product line was born out of the need to improve and personalise the shopping experience for consumers wishing to aid digestion and promote bowel health in their dogs. The new e-commerce management project aimed to create a consumer loyalty system, with strategic and operational support as Merchant of Records, taking care of all administrative and accounting procedures, such as invoicing, payments and returns, as well as legal issues. Added to this is the availability of the Calicantus logistics structure, with its own warehouses and a dedicated Customer Service office.

After a thorough analysis of the new e-commerce project, in cooperation with Schesir’s Marketing contact persons and the client’s supplier agency, the Calicantus team developed the entire set-up for e-commerce sales management on its own VAT number, ranging from payment systems management, business relations with couriers, creation of tax and non-tax documents (e.g. sales notes and invoices), order processing and tracking, shipment monitoring, and customer care. The integration of systems was also carefully designed to manage data flows automatically and process orders correctly. Timely and meticulous customer support was made possible thanks to the dedicated technology solution called ZenDesk Enterprise.

Calicantus is a digital dealer for Agras Pet Foods, a real broker between manufacturer and end

Administration management Amministrazione Gestione vendite online – merchant of record Merchant of records