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Segafredo Zanetti Coffee System is a trademark of Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group, a multinational present in 100 countries and the world's top private group in the coffee market.

Segafredo Zanetti Coffee System is the container of multiple international brands, most of which are leaders in their area or reference sector. From the fine coffee blends of the "Origini" line, to the broad range of filter coffees, through to the manufacture of innovative coffee machines: the company strives for sector excellence at an international level.


Segafredo Zanetti Coffee System decides to extend its leadership in the Coffee Service field also through the online sales channel by leveraging an eCommerce system dedicated to end consumers which is integrated with its production and management structure.

Segafredo Coffeee Machine

An E-commerce system fully integrated with the production and distribution infrastructure of segafredo zanetti coffee system.


To reach the goals of Segafredo Zanetti Coffee System, calicant.us designs a fully e-commerce system which is fully integrated into the company's production and distribution infrastructure.

Operationally, calicant.us manages day-by-day every aspect of the online sales system: ordering, payment cashing, logistics, warehousing, deliveries, updating products and their availability, and administration. We do all this while planning the strategies of marketing, sales and communication according to constant and detailed analyses on performance.


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