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Tabaroni Cashmere is a young brand but with a long tradition behind it. It indeed comes from D'Avant Garde Tricot, an Italian manufacturing company owned by the Tabaroni family, which has been producing quality knitwear for over 50 years for the biggest names and international fashion companies.

Known worldwide for the quality of its yarns and the use of the best technologies, D'Avant Garde Tricot also draws on its customers' competence when designing and cutting the models, and has made the move to enter the market with its own brand.


Tabaroni Cashmere holds all the winning cards (quality, technology edge, production capacity) but needed to get brand knowledge out there, and start engaging with a totally new target: the end consumers.

The web has become a key point of contact between companies and consumers, which is why the Tabaroni family decided to open the digital doors of its new brand.
The digital channel of Tabaroni Cashmere must capitalize on the company's extensive photographic catalogue while succeeding in communicating the excellence of its products.

In the Fashion and Accessories sector, it is essential to create a website of tailor-made quality to present the products in the best possible way and meet the tastes and needs of digital consumers.


In the Fashion and Accessories sector, it is essential to create a tailored-quality website to best showcase the products and meet the needs of digital consumers.
Calicantus has designed this site with the Cashmere Tabaroni customer in mind: ladies who are somewhat choosy over details, who want best quality and who rarely buy on impulse.

By showing the products attractively worn, and with attention to detail, item quality is enhanced and value is added to the brand.
Customers thus have a complete view of the collection and can choose between downloading the catalogue, finding out the nearest flagship store, or contacting the company directly.


Thanks to the new digital channel, Tabaroni Cashmere is beginning to spread brand awareness and can reach an audience of potential customers worldwide.

The creation of the digital lookbook means that all visitors can get to know the identity of the brand and the characteristics of each collection, and makes the quality of the products palpable.

Interested buyers can download the catalogue and quickly make contact with the company. Plus, the signposting of where the Flagship Stores has a Drive-to-Store function.


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