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    TEXA S.p.A.

    A B2B e-commerce for self-diagnosis specialists


TEXA S.p.A. is world leader in the design and manufacture of diagnostic tools, exhaust gas analysers, air conditioning maintenance stations, and telediagnostic devices for the automotive sector.

As well as its broad range of physical instruments, TEXA offers a full range of software and technical manuals to allow for the constant updating of workshops and bodywork and an impeccable service to end customers.

The company involved us to create an e-commerce of its digital products, to thereby make the shopping experience with its partners and customers more direct.


E-commerce design and integration E-commerce operations


TEXA has choosen us to design and create an e-commerce that sells subscriptions to technical manuals created by the company for its end customers in the automotive sector, in particular workshops and bodyshops.

The interesting feature of the project is that the eShop will be visible only on the devices (e. g. tablets) that TEXA provides to its customers, and will be 100% integrated with the company systems.

This integration will allow TEXA to monitor the services activated by each customer and therefor offer a totally personalised shopping experience to users.

An exclusive digital point of sale for customers, which by integrating with company management, creates a fully-personalized offer, can enhance customer loyalty and increasing sales.


As well as creating the online shop dedicated to TEXA customers and integrating it with company systems, calicantus also takes care of e-commerce operations management.

As this is an e-commerce of digital products, it is obviously not necessary to integrate with the warehouse and shipment management, however it is necessary to implement and manage all the bureaucratic tasks.

From managing payments to creating tax documents, calicant.us is TEXA's partner for ensuring that the e-commerce flows work seamlessly.

We can therefore claimes that by only changing the interface from an almost exclusively textual management system to a structured e-commerce based on user experience, would lead to tangible increases in revenues.

A B2B e-commerce that provides a fully-personalized offer, enhances customer loyalty, and increases sales.

E-commerce design and integration E-commerce operations

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