New B2C e-shop project

The merchant of venice

User experience, style and historical roots: the importance of brand values


Mavive has about a century of experience in making and selling personal-care products, establishing itself as one of the leaders on the Italian and international markets, focusing on the production of fragrances for new brands, both directly-owned and under licence.

Closely in touch with its Venetian origins and the values of exploration, culture and elegance, The Merchant of Venice brand was launched as one dedicated to luxury artistic perfumery, with sophisticated fragrances presented in prized bottles inspired by the ancient art of Murano glass making.

Mavive stands out for the creativity and quality of its fragrances while evolving by also keeping in step with digital development. The support of Calicantus has involved the renewal of its web presence to reach its target more effectively, and the optimizing of its communication, sales and management processes.


Digital ADVGraphic designWeb designWeb development


– improve online brand image

– enhance perceived value

– boost e-shop sales

– provide new consumer services

Strategie e strumenti

The project has been developed in a way that leverages the refined stylistic features and technology to bring about immersive navigation. A new personal shopping service has also been introduced to envelop and guide users during the shopping experience.
To support sales, a new ADV strategy has been designed and marketing campaigns optimized, actions that have already brought a sizeable increase on the previous two years.

Through digital leverage, now we can reach individuals with the style that best represents the brand and take them on a unique navigation journey just like the Merchant of Venice fragrances.

Digital ADV Graphic design Web design Web development