We team up with valued Partners

We believe strongly in the value of partnerships and synergies between specialists, so we actively work with system integrators, performance agencies and experts of communication. These alliances let us create state-of-the-art Digital Commerce solutions and provide our customers with top value – and competitive advantages in their respective markets.

What sets us apart is how we make projects concrete, overcoming any organisational limitations for brands. As your partner, we help you finalise projects with brands because we support them in strategically balancing the tasks to do in-house (insourcing) and those left to us (outsourcing), thus optimising your e-commerce  performance in terms of time-to-market and scalability.

The partners of Calicantus benefit from an approach that exceeds their expectations as we offer an innovative perspective for short- and long-term success.

We help Partners to overcome obstacles and finalise projects with the Brands

23M+€ turnover
15yrs of e-commerce experience
70+ brand managed
460k+ orders shipped in 2023
135k+ tickets solved in 2023
200+ countries served

Why become a Partner?

Becoming our Partner means becoming part of a multi-channel sales context that leads to a solid business relationship that will expand your company’s services and bring customers the tangible benefits they want. We put our best resources and expertise at your disposal, providing comprehensive support at strategic, technological, logistic, commercial and regulatory levels.

The benefits of partnering with us include:

  1. A commercial agreement with defined roles: we will clearly and transparently establish roles and responsibilities, ensuring effective and goal-oriented collaboration.
  2. Synergy on shared customers: we actively collaborate to maximise the value offered to shared customers, thereby generating opportunities for mutual growth.
  3. Support in complex Digital Commerce projects: we undertake complex Digital Commerce projects jointly, contributing to the success of the brands we serve through our experience and expertise.
  4. Increasing visibility on different touchpoints: we use shared marketing and communication strategies to enhance visibility on different touchpoints, thus boosting the online and offline presence of brand partners.