• Little Fancy

    Little Fancy

    The new digital channel of the Cappelletto Group


Little Fancy is the new digital channel of the Cappelletto Group, a family firm from Italy’s north-eastern Veneto region with five stores and over 70 years in the footwear and clothing sector, and a benchmark brand for fashion trends.

Despite the success in the traditional sales channel, the Cappelletto family wanted to evolve not only style but also in how the firm communicates. The result is this eShop called Little Fancy.

Their choice went to calicant.us, due to its experience in online sales and especially in creating e-commerce for the fashion industry.


The Little Fancy project was developed in two phases: the first was dedicated only to branding while the second was more sales-oriented.

In the first phase, calicant.us designed and created a landing page, describing the Little Fancy brand, its roots, its links with the Cappelletto brand, and its plans for the future.
The go-live of the landing pages was accompanied by the launch of the Little Fancy social media channels, with branding activities curated by the calicant.us digital marketing team.

The second phase began with the going live of the e-commerce, the sales of which are supported by ad hoc digital-marketing activities.
In addition to the social media campaigns, also online advertising and direct email marketing campaigns were launched.

Every detail of the Little Fancy e-shop is coordinated with the brand image, to give digital users the feeling of being in an exclusive boutique


The study of aesthetics plays a key role in e-commerce the fashion industry. Right down to the smallest detail, everything must be coordinated with the brand image, to give digital users the feeling of being in an exclusive boutique.

The brands sold on the Little Fancy e-shop are characterized by innovation, experimentation, and attention to quality.
These features are conveyed to end customers by accurate and complete product descriptions and great images.


The opening of the new Little Fancy digital channel allows the Cappelletto family to reach new customers everywhere in Italy and – in the future – around the world.

Digital marketing activities support a steady growth of e-shop visits and, consequently, sales, and are important for spreading brand awareness.

The monitoring of digital contact points is also essential for understanding the preferences and tastes of end users, thereby allowing data to be gathered that are very useful for buying activities and when making choices regarding new collections.

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