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Boost the efficiency of your supply processes with a Business To Business e-commerce portal dedicated to your customers.
Solve the issue of face-to-face engagement by keeping in contact with your buyers in a digital environment.
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Are you a supplier, distributor or manufacturer who serves many retailers or stores? With a B2B e-commerce, you can sell your products to companies in a simple, fast and inexpensive way. With dedicated price lists, reserved areas and virtual showrooms, you can increase sales worldwide without leaving your own premises.

How does it work?

The buying process is very similar to that of the regular e-commerce solutions used daily by end users. But while B2C online stores have public catalogues, B2B has catalogues and prices reserved for each customer:

  1. The company interested in the products offered registers on the site and obtains the credentials for their own reserved area
  2. They can consult the products in the catalogue and see specific prices and conditions, which are automatically set according to the sales offer
  3. They can add products to their cart and complete their orders with a quick and easy shopping experience. The sale can also be assisted by agents
  4. The orders are taken on, and the goods sent according to the established conditions

How a virtual showroom works

A virtual showroom, integrated with B2B e-commerce, allows the sales team to interact with buyers and customers just like in a face-to-face meeting, taking advantage of all the opportunities of e-commerce. Multi-list and multi-currency catalogues, data sheets, high-definition images, videos, interactive product views and online chat, are all tools that bridge the physical distances, let your users appreciate the quality of your products, and make more orders.

  1. The sales team shares a link with their contacts, giving them access to the showroom, or the users book an appointment directly online.
  2. During the meeting, or as a preview, the sales representative uses a dedicated space to share the materials with the user – whether buyer or end customer – and shows them items of the collection with all-round graphics, photos, and videos.
  3. Users can create their wish-lists and ask the agent questions during the remote meetings to finalize the purchase by ‘web orders’.

What are the advantages of b2b e-commerce?

Creating a platform to manage B2B orders online has many advantages not only for the seller, but also for the buyers



  1. Speeding up and automation of the sales process;
  2. More economical use of time and resources in managing orders, as the customer does everything independently;
  3. Better management of warehouse availability;
  4. Advantages for the sales network, which can verify all customer orders and sales statistics;
  5. Excellent tool for up-selling and cross-selling, with featured products, special offers, quantity discounts, etc.
  6. Elimination of geographical and linguistic barriers for foreign customers, who can order from the portal independently in their own language


  1. Ability to view a catalogue always updated and detailed, with availability of products in real time
  2. Access to dedicated prices, special offers and discounts
  3. Simplification of the relationship with the seller, and tracking of orders
  4. Utmost ease of reordering and reassortment
  5. Loyalty and economic benefits through automated messages and dedicated offers
  6. Avoiding of data entry of sales notes, reducing time wastage and risk of transcription errors
  7. Platform available 24/7 which, for the supplier, ensures autonomy and independence from time
  8. Platform with interface in the native language of the user


Developing a business-to-business e-commerce platform means you can expand into foreign markets, reduce the supply chain, and remove some barriers to entry that often hinder those who want to invest worldwide.

By integrating the virtual showroom, you show you potential buyers the full collection, create and share catalogues and technical data sheets designed specifically for that contact, show the products as all-round images, without trade fairs or when travel options are limited. Last but not least, thanks to the multilingual 24-hour operational B2B platformforeign operators can place orders in total autonomy – without needing intermediaries and greatly reducing errors when ordering.

Plus, from the B2B platform you can monitor the status of shipments so your foreign customers know in advance when the products are in transit and feel reassured and properly informed. With a web-order system, the shopping experience and your relationship with international customers is thus better, meaning you get to develop long-lasting partnership-type business relationships.

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Our team, with its over 10 years of international experience, builds e-commerce solutions and develops online sales strategies


Continuous platform development and evolution: your e-commerce will never be obsolete


Independent and autonomous platform with detailed reporting available


We study with you the best e-commerce configuration so as to optimize the shopping experience


Show off your products with all available processes and variations, thanks to a configurator that improves the shopping experience

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