Product configurator

The ideal process that allows the quick-and-easy customization of products, thus improving customer shopping experience.
How does it work?

he online configurator allows end customers to start from scratch and modify an article at will. Thanks to a series of parameters and filters, users can create their ideal product and see changes in appearance and price in real time.

The way it works is very simple

  1. Users selects the article they’re interested in most on the e-commerce site
  2. They then start customizing it, using these variables: type,materials, sizes, colour, working type, etc.
  3. Every change will affect final price, which is displayed directly
  4. Once satisfied, the customers adds their configured product to their cart and go ahead with purchasing

Why choose a product configurator?

The configurator simplifies the processes and lets you improve
the shopping experience for both the selling company and the buyers



  • Shorter time needed to prepare quotations
  • Availability 24/7 regardless of time zones and in all target market languages
  • Total flexibility in product creation
  • Direct production of the bill of materials for working
  • Reduction of uncertainty and the possibility of human error
  • Possibility of applying different conditions depending on reference market
  • Thanks to the automatisms, avoids unnecessary double steps, and facilitates the orders-management


  • Immediate display of product changes
  • Ability to customize and create unique items
  • Ease of purchase
  • Enjoyable buying context: configuring your product is almost like a game

Case studies

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