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We provide an easy way to develop the perfect shopping experience for your customers across Europe and across all channels.

Focus your inner resources on brand and product development, get only one customer (us) and leave us deal with your digital end consumers, returns, invoicing etc. Reduce your go-to-market time and let us help you with the daily basis tasks of the e-commerce.
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  • The Covid-19 emergency has made it even clearer that digitisation is indispensable. Among the difficulties of trading businesses and the physical sales network, companies and consumers are looking afresh at the potential of e-commerce and, more generally, by the digital world.
  • Customers are becoming increasingly demanding, and e-commerce is a priority channel for offering impeccable service, provided we follow industry best practices and also go that extra mile. Improving customer experience is fundamental for both B2C and B2B. According to Gartner, the first reason to open a B2B e-commerce is to enhance user experience (75%).
  • Users are multichannel and expect to interact with the brand by smartphone, on the website, on official social media platforms and in stores. Succeeding in providing the answers that users are looking for, regardless of the source of the request, is essential to not lose credibility, so as well as an e-commerce we also need an omnichannel strategy.
  • 86% of customers are willing to pay more in exchange for a better customer experience (Oracle RightNow). Moreover, the profitability of an e-commerce is closely related to the quality of service offered, since its quality is what affects the Lifetime Value of each customer.

Improve your e-commerce shopping experience


  • Let users find what they’re looking for: most people browse according to conventions that must be respected in order to build a site that is easily accessible. The navigation paths must then be designed to product specifications and must be constantly monitored.
  • Simplify the buying process: 81% of customers (Netcomm Forum) want a quick and easy buying procedure; 70% leave their shopping cart during the payment process. You’ll increase conversion rates by making the transition from shopping cart to buying smoother, and providing well-known secure payment methods!
  • Broaden the choice of delivery methods (from at-store pick-up to in-store web ordering), inform customers in real time on their order status, and improve delivery times to meet the widespread demand for immediacy.
  • Work on an increasingly personalized communication. By leveraging automation, you can send the right message to the right person at the right time, earning the user’s trust and increasing sales. Plus, with a dedicated customer-care solution, you can facilitate conversion.
  • Exploit new technologies: from simple reviews, chatbots to more complex Artificial Intelligence systems, you can engage your customers and exceed their expectations, recreating many of the experiences normally experienced in a physical store. According to Gartner, by 2023, 80% of companies using these technologies will improve their customer satisfaction, revenue and costs by at least 25%.

How we can help you improve your customers' experience


We have developed cross-functional skills, applying best practices for each sector. We integrate with the main management and vertical partners to implement high-tech-content projects.


We manage over 50 e-commerce projects directly, taking care of everything, from warehousing to invoicing. By leaving us to manage administrative and time-consuming tasks, you can concentrate your efforts on caring for your brand and customers.


We have logistics facilities dedicated to e-commerce and collaborate with vertical and international logistics companies. We offer privileged price and service conditions with couriers to ensure smooth, uninterrupted flows to your customers.


The reassurance of the online buyer at all stages of the buying process is essential for enhancing customer experience, which is why we put our team of Online Sales Assistants at your disposal.


To oversee all touchpoints with customers, you need an organized ecosystem matched with the skills to make all channels interact in the best possible way. With an omnichannel strategy, you engage your customers and improve business performance.


More than 10 years’ experience in building and optimizing e-commerce sites


Together with you, we study the best strategy for you to increase sales and customer satisfaction.


We operate with transparency and continuous feedback on the results


Constant updating on the latest e-commerce trends


We make use of many tools that allow for the monitoring of performance and the identification of improvement areas

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