Did you know that
italian industrial quality is among
the most sought after in the world?

The demand for Italian made products and know-how is constant on the international industrial scene. Often, though, demand and supply do not communicate well enough. The web is proving to be the right channel to facilitate the meeting between companies and markets.
Now's the time to open up new sales channels!

Searching for new suppliers starts online...

Companies look for new suppliers by simultaneously leveraging multiple channels, with the internet first among all. They want a communication that lives up to their expectations: reassuring, comprehensive, and one that keeps up with the pace and urgency that drive their needs.
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…which choice will lead to the best solution?

Every day, starting from this simple question, hundreds of companies surf for information that will help them find their ideal supplier. This route is called ‘customer journey’ and is divided into stages (touch-points), which you must make the most of through the right digital strategy. This is how you can acquire new customers and retain your current ones.
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Satisfy the market effectively and directly.

Your products must be easy to find and to understand, especially in B2B. The ideal eShop enhances the characteristics and specific selling points just as – but better – than the best sales force. And it does so 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Plus you will receive valuable feedback on the behaviour of your target market.
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Offer the product that wasn’t there before.

Selling to the end consumer or to companies is always a one-to-one process. Different customers have different needs, so you must fully meet their expectations by offering products that can be efficiently and intuitively configured online.
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Success is the result of effective management.

Managing an eShop requires specific skills and 24/7 operations. By relying on a specialist partner, you will save time and money, and gain in efficiency.
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Express your reliability
with reliable communication.

Always available, it knows your products perfectly, treats your customers in the best possible way and speaks their language. It is your customer service.
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No customer is too far away,
no market too large.

We know how important logistics are to the success of your e-commerce. Which is why we will support you operationally and reliably, beyond national borders.
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These companies have already improved their sales
and expanded into new markets.

Open new sales channels and optimize existing ones. In calicant.us, you will find the attentive and competent partner you are looking for.
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