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Given the constant evolution of market, companies must plan and implement a digital marketing strategy to promote online and offline (retail and B2B) sales.

As with any marketing activity, digital marketing monitors the performance indicators and measures the results of the strategy, with the ultimate goal of maximizing return on investment (ROI).

calicant.us can help your business both from a creative and a commercial viewpoint.


Thanks to our consolidated experience in Digital Marketing, we offer the most innovative solutions and the latest market trends, adapting them to the needs of each Client.

To best meet your needs, we have designed three types of collaboration:

  • Collaboration over Individual Digital Tools: this is ideal for companies that want to open up to the Digital Marketing world with a targeted presence based on focused activities
  • Collaboration by Areas of Intervention: this was designed for Clients that want to delegate areas of activity aimed at reaching specific business goals. This allows calicant.us to both optimize the entire process, and to transfer knowledge to the internal resources of the Client
  • Outsourcing: this is the ideal solution for companies that want to delegate their entire typical operation of a Digital Marketing office while keeping in-house its strategic management, which will be supported by calicant.us through a consulting service. The Client company will have a calicant.us Project Manager at its disposal to contact for any needs, and to draft executive Work in Progress reports

Thanks to our consolidated experience in Digital Marketing, we offer the most innovative solutions and the latest market trends, adapting them to the needs of each Client.


Having managed the e-commerce solutions of our Clients for years, we have gained a great expertise in promoting e-shops and in favouring online shopping paths.

To do this, we rely on these tools:

  • Visual and textual content
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Management and Digital PR
  • DEM (Direct Email Marketing) and automation
  • Online Advertising
  • Vertical sales channels and marketplaces
  • Continuous advisoring, counselling and reporting
  • Training


  • Increase online sales by defining the right digital strategy and main marketplaces, managing them in an end-to-end perspective
  • Increase e-shop sales by defining the most suitable e-commerce strategy and the operating procedures to increase orders
  • DEM and Automation, by supporting you in improving loyalty and redemption of your current and potential customers
  • Train and assist the corporate team by explaining your employees the value of a digital transformation and the benefits that a digital company can achieve though an analytical performance-based approach
  • Increase brand awareness by defining an integrated and cross-channel communication plan that let you increase your brand's value and awareness as well as the positive online sentiment towards your company
  • Define the Digital Strategy by supporting you in drawing up a strategic plan that lets your business grow, by defining and optimizing your online presence
  • Plan your communication strategy, supporting you in defining an integrated and cross-channel communication plan that will help you optimize both online and offline communications
  • Create and promote online events by helping you increase the exposure of the event and the audience reached
  • Generate traffic by actively working to increase the users who reach the website or landing page, and those who are driven towards target pages after being acquired in the digital ecosystem
  • Generate leads by supporting you in increasing the users from both organic and paid traffic, improving and optimizing the customer journey
  • Social Network management, managing the corporate social presence and the Digital PR in an end-to-end perspective, also in the use of social advertising tools

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