• E-commerce Design and Integration

    E-commerce Design and Integration


At calicant.us, every project starts with listening to you: it's only by highlighting your real needs and goals that we can design a project around you to match your needs.

We design every eShop as a continuation of the main specific needs identified during the steps of strategy analysis and definition, by choosing the e-commerce platform, style and the appropriate functions for each product and target market.

As well as the best technological and strategic solutions for online sales, we also offer an Art Direction service which combines User-Experience principles with the latest style trends to ensure effective buying paths in a graphic context that closely matches corporate image.

One of our strengths is flexibility: all projects can be integrated with the IT infrastructures of the client and suppliers / partners to have constant and continuous updating of order status, warehouse stocks, product and customer details, and all administrative procedures related to the sale.

Eshop design and development

By bringing your real needs and goals, we can create projects that really meet your requirements.


Our projects can be aligned with customers' management software or those of their suppliers to ensure constant updating of availability and warehouse stocks.

calicant.us can work using all the main management/ERP software available, as well as create bespoke solutions such as the possibility for online configuration of products or work processes.


  •  Analysis and feasibility study
  • Design and Graphic Design
  • Organization and content creation
  • Implementation with the various e-commerce platform types
  • development of integrations and coordination with management/ERP software
  • Synchronizations of products stock between online and offline
  • Configuration and management of the main marketplaces and external distribution channels
  • Online configurator of products or processes
  • Mobile Apps
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