With multi channel sales, order processing, tracking, stock control, and customer service

can be a nightmare.

Calicantus Order Management System is the new state of the art proven solution. 

Cloud-based, Headless, Composable and already integrated with the most used commerce solutions.

OMS Orchestration

Reporting & Analytics
DW, BI, ERP...
Returns & Refunds
Fulfillment & Tracking
Tracking, WMS, CMS/SHOP...
Orders Processing
CMS/SHOP, Marketplaces, ERP, Gateways...
Inventory Updates

Main Advantages


Easy to Implement

Only few weeks needed to be fully operative thanks to its plug-ins and API and a top class system experienced team.


Global Capabilities

Able to support and orchestrate sales (and returns) in more than 120 countries


Cost Effective

Clear pricing model and proven capability to creating efficiency in the order processes

Here some companies that have streamlined sales and improved customer satisfaction with Calicantus OMS

Become a Calicantus OMS Partner

  • State of the art and easy to integrate solution 
  • Simple and competitive pricing model 
  • Commercial, marketing and management support in negotiations
  • APPs and Plugins and APIs for the main ecommerce platforms, Marketplaces and applications
  • Development and integration capabilities and resources
  • Internal Customer Care team
  • …and much more!
Our mission is to provide, together with our Partners, the best and most efficient OMS Solution and Services to ensure an exceptional customer experience.

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