Brand identity innovation


A digital strategy to support the eShop


Lineabeta, a 100% Made in Italy company, from the 80s to today, thanks to its innovative collections of accessories, has become a leader in the sector, radically changing the design of the bathroom in Italy and abroad.
However, Lineabeta’s excellence in the design and study of the collections didn’t find the right enhancement in the online image. We are therefore involved in building a website that is able to present the brand and catalog in a coordinated way.


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– Reflect the identity of Lineabeta and increase brand awareness through digital coverage
– Support the sales force and the Retail channel with a complete and detailed online catalog
– Enter the world of digital commerce with an e-commerce for outlet products

Strategie e strumenti

The structure of the website is articulated, precisely to bring out the different souls and the different targets of Lineabeta. From the Contract section to the interactive Store Locator, obviously passing through the online Catalog and the e-commerce of Outlet products, the Lineabeta world is represented in its various needs.

A website able to reflect the values ​​of Lineabeta and to present brands and catalogs in a coordinated way.

Digital strategy Web design Web development