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Omnichannel Brand Distribution

Strengthen your market positioning through omnichannel communication and distribution that optimises the customer journey. Competition is not between channels, but between brands.
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Become the first choice in the minds of customers by making yourself deeply and continuously known via an omnichannel communication and distribution of your brand

Strengths of an omnichannel strategy

  1. Start by carefully listening and analysing the scenario and touchpoints where you operate, your web reputation and your goals;
  2. Clearly identify your value proposition and your Unique Selling Proposition;
  3. Talk to specific targets about their touchpoints, identifying the characteristics and needs of each: of your customers, retailers and partners;
  4. It’s authentic and credible. It speaks the truth, and conveys it effectively;
  5. It forms the foundation of all marketing strategies as it aims at achieving your business goals by meeting customers’ desires;
  6. It is deployed to all touchpoints, as the brand identity must be consistent across all the channels frequented by the target customers.

Enhancing your products’ visibility

When using a digital commerce, the brand’s goals are different:

  • price control
  • increased turnover
  • enhanced visibility
  • loyalty/retention
  • opening up new markets

All of this from the perspective of a Customer Experience that must be engaging and rewarding, and with a well-designed omnichannel strategy. Thus, buyers can discover products through dozens of touchpoints, most of them digital:

  • e-commerce
  • social media
  • search engines
  • comparison tools and marketplaces
  • customer care
  • retailing

How do your customers search for products?

Before buying, over 60% of customers search online for information on brands, products and services.
Digital channels are the key contact-points for both brand discovery and final conversions.
They are where reviews influence the purchases by possible customers, who form their opinions about the product/service based on the experiences of others.

Competition is not between channels, but between brands

You have to reach your customer before your competitors do, in a consistent way across all of your touch-points

In brand competition, the goal is not only to earn consensus in channels, but to reach the customer consistently across all touchpoints before the competition does. The key way to ensure effective customer experience is by balancing internal and external activities (insourcing/outsourcing).

Running an e-commerce business is made up of many complexities that take in multiple business functions. So, it’s crucial to have a solid knowhow of processes and technologies, along with a clear strategy – and this can often be difficult to achieve internally.

When a brand considers insourcing, the crux question is: ‘Is it really worth it? Are we fully organised and equipped with the human and technology resources to manage everything in-house?” Calicantus is your partner in addressing this. We help you to weigh up the crucial decision for the success of your brand’s online sales regarding your e-commerce management: what to manage in-house and what to outsource.

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