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Amazon is a very powerful channel to increase on line sales and visibility of your products. Beside it, some other platforms are growing fast and can represent a great opportunity to penetrate a new market and reach new customers. Correctly managing your sales and operations on Amazon and on the main European marketplaces can be a key point of your success. Choose a reliable partner who knows how to make the most of the full potential Amazon & co offer.
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Seize all the opportunities amazon offers!

Our long term experience on Amazon in Europe and around the world guarantees an easy and smooth presence of your products: you can entrust us with all the management operations, from opening a new account to listing your products, from optimising your visibility to advertise them. Open your business to new markets and opportunities!

What do we do to exploit amazon’s full potential?

  1. We study ad hoc strategies on each market and each product category.
  2. We have a privileged relationship with Amazon and the main marketplaces around the world
  3. Our goal is to strengthen your market position and to not sell off your products at low prices. Which is why we pay utmost attention to your margins and to protecting your brand
  4. We can integrate with your facilities and manage all the bureaucracy and orders-management
  5. You can also entrust us with Logistics and Warehouse Management, and with Customer Care, freeing up your resources and offering your customers a better service

Discover all the advantages of openign and optimizing a seller account on amazon with us

  • Amazon is a complex ecosystem, but it has succeeded in gaining the trust of millions of users worldwide who gain information, find inspiration and buy only on Amazon. Which is why it’s essential to open an Amazon Seller account to reach an active audience that you cannot reach in any other way.
  • By activating an Amazon Seller account with us, you can open up – even for the first time! – to the online market, without having to bear the costs of implementing an e-shop,
    technological structures and resources.
  • With just one Amazon account, you can reach customers all over Europe(and potentially all over the world) testing their response to your brand and product .
  • In the Calicantus Team, you will find experts specialized in Amazon optimization and advertising. We know just how to best create and optimize your visibility and conversions campaigns to make you reach your sales targets.
  • By entrusting us with managing your Seller account, you won’t even have to worry about managing orders, shipping, logistics and warehousing: We will activate a direct channel with Amazon and send you a detailed monthly report so you are always up to date on channel profitability.

Do you know the difference between seller and vendor?


  • You sell the products to end consumers
  • You keep control over sales management, product prices and margins
  • You can choose to either use Amazon’s logistics or to keep control over this aspect too


  • You sell directly to Amazon, becoming its actual supplier
  • You no longer have control over prices and margins because the sale is managed by Amazon
  • Logistics and warehousing are managed directly by Amazon

What are we good at on amazon

We protect the brand

  • We use all the tools provided by Amazon, such as the Brand Registry, to protect your intellectual property and protect your customers from counterfeiting.
  • We evaluate the best strategies to ensure your Amazon experience is positive and enhances your brand, by carefully choosing which services to activate and which products to sell, and at what price.

We create your Amazon sales space

  • We create your Amazon Store to strengthen your brand on the marketplace and multiply the possibilities of sales and of reaching out to new customers.

We optimize your product sheets

  • SEO is not important only for Google: title, description, images, keywords and more. The choices of all these elements are keys to making product sheets that are rewarded both in searches, and in facilitating customer browsing into conversions. Which is why we pay utmost attention and provide maximum assistance when creating graphic and textual content to optimize your position on Amazon’s internal search engine.

We manage advertising campaigns

  • Our Advertising Experts know how to enhance the value of your products so they can reach the top of searches relevant to you, thus making the most of all Amazon’s opportunities and tools.



Paolo Corradini - Ecommerce and Consumer Care Director

Ci siamo affidati a Calicantus per la gestione completa delle attività legate ad Amazon Seller Europa sin dal 2018: attivazione dell’account, caricamento e gestione dell’inventario, controllo amministrativo e spedizioni. Il progetto ha visto una costante crescita e si è ampliato nell’ultimo anno di una sezione dedicata ad Amazon Adv Sponsored Products in tutta Europa: gli ottimi risultati che stiamo ottenendo ci permette di dire che Amazon è un canale di visibilità e vendite molto importante per noi, e avere un partner in grado di gestire tutti gli aspetti strategici e operativi di uno strumento tanto complesso è una sicurezza

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23M+ turnover
15yrs of e-commerce experience
70+ brand managed
460k+ orders shipped in 2023
135k+ tickets solved in 2023
200+ countries served