Outsource your e-commerce management and
worry no more about receipts, electronic invoices,
emails, phone calls, shipments, logistics and warehousing:
Less bureaucracy and more customer service.

Why outsource your e-commerce?

  1. With fewer things to manage directly, you'll have sharper focus on your key business areas
  2. Less investment and time spent in acquiring technological and process know-how
  3. More time to devote to your brand and product
  4. Less bureaucracy and communication with third parties
  5. Optimisation of order-collection processes
  6. Less investment of resources in managing logistics and warehousing
  7. Better customer care and shipment management

How does the management of outsourced e-commerce work?

  1. Managing orders, returns, invoices and shipments takes up a lot of time and resources
  2. We can take direct charge of all - or just some - of these operations, adding our experience and professionalism
  3. Buyers receive impeccable service before, during and after their purchase
  4. Plus, buyers do not see that the sales are managed by others, so the relationship with the brand is maintained
  5. The manufacturer saves time and money by automating the sales process without giving up the direct relationship with the brand for the buyers

How we can help you:

Managing orders and returns

We process orders daily with the issue of the relevant tax documents (invoices, shipping lists, credit notes) on behalf of the manufacturer, with dedicated numbering according to current legislation. We are also organized to handle the collection of orders on our accounts or, on request, on those of our customers.

Managing the warehouse
and e-commerce logistics

We can keep the items in our warehouse, physically taking charge of the products within our logistics facilities.

E-commerce manager

We dedicate a figure within calicantus to keep the digital store always performing and up-to-date, coordinating the application of sales strategies and the various management and marketing activities

Managing despatches

We use the main couriers, with whom we have privileged relations and preferential rates.

We can take care of all the administrative and communication tasks with users and couriers, through to the final delivery, by sending the tracking number to track the shipment online.

Dedicated customer care

We accompany users at all stages of the purchase process, assisting them also in after-sales service.
We reassure and inform (in the languages of the reference markets), and promptly solve the relational complexities typical of e-commerce.


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  • What tools can I use for customer care?

    Depending on your needs, our multilingual team provides support via contact forms, chat, email, phone, etc.

  • What do I need to outsource some areas?

    a. in addition to the availability of products, it is necessary to organise the company systems in such a way as to allow smooth communication between us, you and the end customers.
    If you're not ready yet, don't worry! We have extensive knowledge and a network of partners who can find the solution to any problem.

  • What are the policies on returns?

    a. Returns are a strategic aspect from the sales viewpoint because they reduce distrust among end customers and reassure them during the purchase phase. Returns must therefore be addressed with care, while bearing in mind that legislative provisions allow buyers to exercise the right of withdrawal within 14 days, but they do not establish that the costs of return be borne by the seller. There are therefore 3 possible solutions:
    1. Free return where the seller bears the cost of shipping and dealing with the courier
    2. Free return where the seller bears the costs but Calicantus deals with the courier
    3. Return at buyer's expense dell'acquirente

  • How many markets can I ship to?

    Thanks to the internet and international marketing activities, it has become easier to reach new markets.
    From a logistical viewpoint, shipping to Italy and Europe is easy as they are inexpensive and the goods arrive in 1 or 2 working days.
    North America is also well-served, as well as having the benefit of duty-free up to $800.
    We can also ship worldwide but the costs and delivery times are longer. Nevertheless, if a country is strategic or if there are sufficient sales volumes, we can activate local logistics in the target country, thanks to our network of partners. Finally, the restrictions that affect certain types of goods, such as food, alcohol, pharmaceuticals and flammables, must be assessed.

  • Can I sell without stock, in drop-shipping?

    Among the solutions we offer, there is also drop-shipping (i.e. the sale of goods that you do not have physically). This allows the seller to:
    • save on renting or purchasing a warehouse;
    • not invest in buying the goods;
    • not have to take care of the inventory of products and their storage;
    • not manage the logistic processes of the goods, from packing to shipment.

  • Do you have any particular doubts?
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