Marketing strategies for ecommerce

Adopt digital web-marketing strategies suitable for your e-commerce, and increase the sales of your online store
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Having a specific marketing plan for the needs of your e-commerce is essential to achieve the desired sales results for the products in the catalogue. The site alone cannot indeed function at its best if it is not accompanied by a promotional strategy on the right sales channels.

What are the frequent causes that limit the sales of an e-commerce?

  1. Prices are not in line with the market
  2. The SEO of the site is deficient
  3. ADV campaigns do not have optimised target pages
  4. Remarketing and automation are not exploited
  5. The focus is only on acquiring new customers, neglecting previous-customers care
  6. The marketing channels are not suitable and/or fully optimised

What are the distinctive parts of a good marketing strategy?


The definition of targeted user journeys aimed at the sales objective, with optimised and fast landing pages and product sheets


The promotion of content that gives value to the reader and attracts their attention


A policy of pricing and of shipping costs in line with other market players


The use of automation mechanisms to bring undecided buyers back to the store (emails and remarketing)


The choice of ADV channels based on business objectives and on continuous performance-optimisation


The focus on increasing the conversion rate of e-commerce and customer loyalty over time

Omni-channel approach

Are you afraid that e-commerce can cannibalize or weaken the traditional sales network?

Our omni-channel marketing approach allows the different communication channels to benefit the brand, integrating traditional distribution with the online store. The aim is to maximise turnover through effective brand promotion, which increases the perceived brand value and raises price-positioning. Through a targeted plan, it is possible to define in detail how the various channels interact with consumers at all phases of the purchasing process, and on the different touch-points (points of contact between the brand and the end customer).

Integration with marketplaces

The marketplaces (Amazon, Ebay, etc.) and Affiliates (Price Finder, etc.) are online places where supply and demand meet. Millions of users consult these sites every day for information and to buy products or services. It is thus essential to be present to increase the brand visibility, sell directly and compete with the competitors. A good e-commerce marketing strategy considers these channels and integrates them into the mix of communication channels, prices and offers

How we can help you


Our team, with its over 10 years of international experience, builds e-commerce solutions and develops online sales strategies


Together with you, we study the best marketing plan to reach the sales targets and increase the store’s performance


Constant updating on the latest trends and digital marketing strategies


We work with transparency and continuous feedback on results, with the goal of maximising returns on investment


We can take charge of the relationship with the end customer before and after sales, logistics and warehouse, ensuring consistency with the strategy defined



We chose Calicantus as our partner to develop Dike’s digital presentation with the aim of intercepting customers that the traditional sales network cannot reach. We started by entrusting the team with creating and managing an e-commerce site supported by advertising campaigns on Google and Facebook, and by a social media content calendar in line with the communicative style that characterizes the Dike brand. A monthly plan of multilingual Email Marketing and the opening of a store on Amazon have been added to these tools. We continue to use the services of Calicantus, and together we share ambitious goals for the future.

Rione Fontana

Claudio Tirindelli

Thanks to Calicantus, I succeeded in strengthening advertising in my physical and digital stores, retaining the customers already acquired, and attracting new users interested in the products I distribute. After a year of collaboration, I succeeding in achieving a significant increase in turnover.

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23M+ turnover
15yrs of e-commerce experience
70+ brand managed
460k+ orders shipped in 2023
135k+ tickets solved in 2023
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