Marketing Strategies for E-commerce


Selling cycling and motorcycling footwear online


Since 1960, Sidi has been creating and selling footwear and clothing for bikers and cyclists worldwide. With continuous expansion ongoing, the company wanted to open up to the online world by supporting e-commerce sales with marketing strategies across multiple channels.


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– Start to sell collections online
– Increase the perceived value of its products and corporate image
– Communicate effectively with the B2C target
– Optimise management processes and flows

Strategie e strumenti

The collaboration with Sidi involves creating a new digital platform aimed at online sales, integrated with the company’s ERP (enterprise resource planning), supported by specific marketing strategies for e-commerce. To optimise the processes and not to burden the current business organisation, the operational management of the e-shop (including orders, receipts, relations with couriers, customer care and return procedures) was entrusted to the Calicantus team.

The company wanted to open up to digital by supporting its e-commerce sales with marketing strategies across multiple channels.

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