Merchant of Record for managing the new e-commerce


A project for brand enhancement and new online sales channels


Sirman S.p.A. is a leading Italian company in the food-processing-equipment sector with the manufacture and distribution of professional equipment for the food, beverage and catering industry such as butcher shops, bars and pizzerias.

The Sirman brand distributes in 126 countries and is thus known worldwide. Sirman equipment has been chosen by top kitchen and food distribution professionals for over 50 years.
Sirman’s catalogue is distinguished by its wide range of products, characterised by the perfect combination of technology and reliability, innovative design, safety and functionality.


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– Improve the online brand image

– Creating an official online store for the sale of a selection of products

– Approach online sales to end users by providing a better customer experience by outsourcing order management through Calicantus as MoR

– Focus internal resources on key B2B business tasks

– Not compromise relations with its B2B customers

Strategie e strumenti

We designed the UI and UX of the new ecommerce channel for Sirman, combining the story of the brand with the storytelling of the product in the aspirational areas of use.
The new e-Shop has been structured to address the broad market of end customers who aspire to be catering professionals.

The central theme is the enhancement of product qualities as a response to the target’s lifestyle. The persuasive path widens the opportunity for product consumption in the private sphere, opening up to online sales on a PrestaShop platform with system integration for sales and logistics management.

Parallel to the new e-commerce, a Brand Protection project was launched on Amazon, with the aim of overseeing the marketplace with:
– registration of the Sirman brand with the Amazon registry
– creation of the official Amazon Store
– creation and optimisation of product sheets
– marketplace sales management by Calicantus

Improve the online brand image, supporting offline communication, confirming its strictly professional vocation.

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