Branding strategies for ecommerce

Improve your brand and product perception through a value-creating
communication strategy
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Having a solid brand is essential to not have to compete just on price, and to retain customers. It is only by communicating your brand’s values that you can achieve long-term success. Plus, thanks to brand recognition, all the products in the catalogue acquire more strength, and can be sold more easily.

The advantages of having a strong brand:

  1. Increases the perceived value of the products, so allows you to charge higher prices as buyers hold your brand in higher consideration
  2. Helps to stand out from the competition because the company’s reputation and perceived product quality will be greater than competitors’
  3. Enhance loyalty among end customers, who will feel part of a community and share the company’s values. This brand loyalty often lasts a long time and is therefore a asset that extends well into the future
  4. The more credible the brand, the more effective the communication. People will be more attentive to marketing messages and upcoming news.
  5. It makes it easier and cheaper to launch new products, which will find a loyal user-base ready to try out the latest product and ready to give valuable feedback on how to improve the first versions

How can we help you communicate the value of your brand?

  1. Together we define what to base the brand strategy on, analysing your business and identifying the strengths and your added value
  2. We work on a clear and engaging brand identity with an Art Direction office that ensures a shopping experience in a graphic context that is consistent with your corporate image.
  3. We build a website that matches impact with performance, using advanced platforms that coordinate numerous management and marketing features
  4. We design a marketing plan aimed at increasing turnover, using an omni-channel communication to convey your identity and add value to the end customer
  5. We apply the agreed brand strategies across the various digital channels, drawing up editorial plans on social media, creating DEMs and automations, and producing quality content

Omni-channel approach

Are you afraid that e-commerce can cannibalize or weaken
the traditional sales network?

Our omni-channel marketing approach allows the different communication channels to benefit the brand, integrating traditional distribution with the online store.
The aim is to maximise turnover through effective brand promotion, which increases the perceived brand value and raises price-positioning.
Through a targeted plan, the various channels are defined in detail as they interact with the consumers throughout all phases of the purchasing process and on the various touch-points.

Case studies

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23M+ turnover
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70+ brand managed
460k+ orders shipped in 2023
135k+ tickets solved in 2023
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