E-commerce seo

Improve the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your e-commerce and increase the traffic to your site thanks to a greater visibility of the online catalogue.
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The Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of an e-commerce site is not too different from that of a normal one.
But there are some typical features of online stores that need to be properly considered if you want optimal results.

Why is seo important for an online store?

  1. Organic traffic generated by search engines does not require additional budgets for promotional channels, and contributes to a constant flow of potential customers over time
  2. The usability of the site also improves the performance of other marketing campaigns and company activities
  3. A top-notch Google site helps the brand’s reputation: more people get to know about the products and the reference mark

How we can help you:

  1. SEO advice on how to optimize product sheets in terms of content and descriptions
  2. Search for key-words relevant to the sector in which the brand operates
  3. Optimization of URLs, meta-tags, and images
  4. Writing up of user-journeys for selling products
  5. Fast and intuitive navigation, especially on mobile devices

How we work


More than 10 years’ experience in building and optimizing e-commerce sites


Together with you, we study the best SEO strategy for your site and create specific content to increase traffic and enhance the value of your brand.


We operate with transparency and continuous feedback on the results


Constant updating on the latest trends in the SEO and digital marketing worlds


We make use of many tools that allow for the monitoring of performance and the identification of improvement areas



Alberto Gambetta - Commercial Director

Despite having the web interface of the management system at their disposal, our retailers continued to prefer e-mails, phone calls and faxes to send orders. Thanks to Calicantus’ B2B solution, integrated with our ERP and with a user-friendly B2C interface, we have optimized the orders’-receiving-and-processing processes, which take place without errors over misunderstandings and manual actions, while allowing our employees to devote time to more profitable activities.

Why choose us?
We have the numbers!

23M+ turnover
15yrs of e-commerce experience
70+ brand managed
460k+ orders shipped in 2023
135k+ tickets solved in 2023
200+ countries served