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Having a Social Media Marketing plan is essential to achieve long-term business goals, such as increasing brand awareness, customer loyalty and forging interactive relationships to create a community closer to your brand. These results are achieved by organizing a social media content calendar studied in detail, and consistent with the purpose of communication.

Create a social media content calendar to manage your facebook and instagram pages will help you to:

  1. Define a cross-sectional and consistent content strategy across all your corporate social media.
  2. Specifically define the target audience for which the messages of the publications are to be written.
  3. Define the tone of voice with which to address the audience, and to respect it over time.
  4. Decide the action that you want your audience to accomplish through the messages. Calls to action are related to goals such as: bringing traffic to the site, prompting engagement, receiving contacts and sharing posts.
  5. Defining interesting content. The content calendar will allow you to choose the topics you want to talk about and to range between various topics so as not to be trivial and repetitive.

Why rely on a social media agency?


Objectives and Strategy

We work together to define the strategy and how to improve communication.
Let’s study together the most effective way to reach the desired brand goals.


Content strategy

We carefully study your product or service to give relevant content to intercept potential customers.
Thanks to the team of graphic designers, we create effective content for proper communication.


Timing and communication channels

We work together to evaluate which digital communication channels to use for your brand. Plus, we optimize the time-scales and methods for publishing content.


Organizing and building the social media content calendar

We structure a professional monthly social media content calendar that will be shared for approval. The posts will be planned on the platforms, and monitored to verify their performance according to the set goals.

How can we help you?


With its international experience over 10 years, our team builds and manages e-commerce and develops digital marketing strategies


We study the best marketing plan together, to achieve the sales targets and increase the store’s performance


Constant updating on the latest trends and digital-marketing strategies for different platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest


We work with transparency and continuous feedback on results, with the goal of maximising returns on investment


Our team of graphic designers and advertising copy writers work on creating images, videos and texts to best express the values of your brand, and convey all the products’ features to the best.

Case studies

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23M+ turnover
15yrs of e-commerce experience
70+ brand managed
460k+ orders shipped in 2023
135k+ tickets solved in 2023
200+ countries served