Online-sales management


Optimizing order-management processes and flows


Atlantis is the flagship brand of Master Italia S.p.a., which produces and distributes hats and accessories, offering a wide range of models and collections.
The company identified Calicantus as the right partner to design its e-commerce and to entrust us with operationally managing online sales.


E-commerce design and integrationE-commerce managementE-commerce operationsGestione totale e contabilità


– Start selling online
– Increase the perceived value of the products
Communicate effectively with the B2C target
Optimizing order-management processes and flow

Strategie e strumenti

The project involves the creation of a new e-commerce, integrated with the company’s ERP (enterprise resource planning) to synchronize the product catalogue, prices, availability and orders placed by users. To optimize processes, the operational management of the e-shop (including orders, collections, courier relations, customer care and return procedures) was entrusted to the Calicantus team, with the integration of accounting systems and flows.

The operational management of the e-shop was entrusted to the calicantus team with the integration of the accounting systems and flows

E-commerce design and integration E-commerce management E-commerce operations Gestione totale e contabilità