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Eshop and a supporting marketing strategy


The Ferrino brand has always been synonymous with ‘outdoors’. Founded in Turin in 1870 from the brilliant intuition of Cesare Ferrino to waterproof fabrics, Ferrino links his history and his ‘legend’ to tents, which have been the travelling companions of the greatest mountaineers and explorers from the early 1900s to the present day.

Ferrino has never stopped testing and inventing new products, to always satisfy the needs of sports people, professionals and outdoor lovers, including the most extreme.

Today, Ferrino’s offer of technical equipment is complete and detailed, starting from its famous tents to backpacks, thermos and camping accessories. It also included a range of clothing for lovers of the easy outdoors but also those who practice trekking, trail running, mountaineering and skiing.


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With its flagship store in Turin and retailers all over the world, Ferrino has a good distribution network throughout Italy and internationally, but feels it still has to get closer to end users and rebuild its digital identity in a unified and incisive manner.

This is how Ferrino’s journey began with us Calicantus, a journey of digital transformation of which the online launch of Ferrino’s e-commerce was a key step.

The biggest challenge was to bring together within one digital solution: an online store, a community of users who share the same passions and institutional identity of the historic brand, and its long tradition.

The online launch of the e-commerce is supported by a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

The goals of Ferrino are:

– an increase of sell-out;
– a bolstering of its brand Image.

Plus, the new strategy digital:

– increases customer loyalty;
increases sales offline with drive-to-store and click&collect special offers.

Strategies and tools

Unlike many other companies, which often decide to open an online shop without due preparation, and afraid of damaging their retail channel, Ferrino took their decision after a careful analysis of the needs of their customers and retailers.

The first necessary step was thus to identify a global strategy, that would connect offline with online.

Then, efforts focused on building product sheets which were exhaustive and full of technical details so as to overcome the lack of physical contact with the item of interest.

But we didn’t stop there: with the eShop’s dedicated “Outdoor Specialists“, who can be contacted via email or telephone, online buyers can receive sales support similar to what they find in a traditional store.

In addition to the eShop are the Ferrino blog, the pages dedicated to Partners and Ambassadors and the journey into the brand’s history – all parts of a website that faithfully mirrors the complex and wonderful world of Ferrino.

The digital transformation of Ferrino derives from a careful analysis of the needs of customers and resellers, and is based on a multi-channel strategy.

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