Digital sales ecosystem

Increase your company’s sales and compete in more markets by digitising your sales department together with all related processes and information.
How can i do it?
Master the data and create an ecosystem focused on customer experience by integrating technological tools and know-how. Build an omnichannel strategy that strengthens the traditional distribution network from an online ‘win-win’ perspective.

Why does my sales department need a global approach?

  • Because an administrative management system and a CRM are no longer enough to manage all the data available; also, they don’t allow you to build an integrated ecosystem with consumer-centric communication.
  • Because users are increasingly demanding and want to connect directly with brands. To give them the buying experience they expect, you need have a strategic approach to your sales system.
  • Because if you are not visible, you do not exist. Offline and digital sales channels already work together in the eyes of users (80% of sales is driven by online searches). Companies also need to change their perspective.
  • Because it does NOT put the channels in competition. Rather, it makes them work together to enhance their value.
  • Because it enables you to capture a wealth of data about your current and potential customers, so you can take effective data-driven decisions.
  • Because the digitisation of production processes and factories is taken for granted, it is now time to digitise knowledge and information.
  • Because you can also take up this challenge by using government and EU funding calls that reward innovation. From “Next Generation EU” to vertical funds, there are many opportunities for those who want to get involved – and we can help you seize them.

This is what we can accomplish together

  1. Identify the best omni-channel sales strategy for your business;
  2. Make software selections based on your goals and investments;
  3. Integrate systems (whether existing or custom-built) to create one integrated ecosystem;
  4. Share know-how, assist you in looking for, and taking part in, national and EU funding calls.

What is an omnichannel sales strategy?

When we talk about omnichannel strategy, we mean using proactive and interconnected ways to manage and control all the “touchpoints” that potential customers meet on their customer journey, to make sure they have outstanding experiences with the company.
Touchpoints are not just digital jargon but real places too, which is why an omnichannel strategy strengthens the whole sales ecosystem made up of all channels: offline and online, direct, internal, external and indirect (from the website to social media, from the customer care department to the retail outlet).
It’s a win-win approach where all benefit because it is possible to reach out to consumers wherever they are. And, above all, it is modular, because once the goal has been identified, we can develop one aspect at a time in stages, and thus achieve immediate improvements.

5 tools for innovating your sales approach



E-commerce simply must be taken into consideration by potential customers. More than 80% of consumers only buy in shops after they have searched online, so traditional stores also benefit from a structured online presence and increased brand visibility.



With dedicated price-lists, reserved areas and virtual showrooms, you can boost your sales worldwide without even travelling from your company. And all while removing supply errors and offering your resellers/dealers a service that is immediately available because it is very similar to a B2C e-commerce.



The challenge is to give users the information they want on the right channels and at the right time. This challenge can be met with an accurate customer management system, integrated with other company technologies, and with the use of automations, which are now precise thanks to Big Data.



Product Information Management software collects company catalogue data from various parties and sources into one place and enables the best possible organisation of product information-creation processes, thus making them available to the market in a clear and consistent way.



There is no sale without customer service, and service must be immediate, effective and organised. Valuable conversations on all available channels, online and offline, are the key to increasing conversion rates, building user loyalty and a Customer Centric ecosystem.

Our skills


Our team, with international experience, has been building e-commerce and digital marketing strategies for more than 12 years.


We work with you to devise the best strategy for building an integrated, high-performance sales ecosystem.


We are constantly updated on the latest trends, technologies and integrations.


We operate with transparency and continuous feedback on the results with the aim of maximising Return On Investment (ROI).


We can take charge of the pre- and post-sales relationship with end customers, logistics and warehousing, thus making sure that everything is in keeping with the defined strategy.

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